All images are of BDOC, Company Multiuser Solution. Changes possible at any time. Dashboard

Your Dashboard and Cockpit for your Management

  • Your personal data
  • Address book
  • Manage contact details of your clients / partners and confidants
  • Select settings and accesses
  • Manage security, groups and policies
  • Password renewal / change password
  • Document Management
  • Reporting
  • Archiving

What else you can do

Once the data is in the BDOC environment, all actions and changes are historically immutable.

  • For Documents, Forms, Excel, Powerpoint and Text files you can track their entire genesis
  • For all other data types, you can track who and what has been edited, shared or viewed
  • Send emails with attachments from customers and partners directly to the blockchain, into your predefined folder Document orchestration

Orchestrate your documents

  • View and edit all documents
  • Status Overview
  • Design your folder structure as you see fit
  • Insert (upload) documents
  • For each document you can give accesses to authorized persons
  • Share and collaborate on documents
  • Quick view of the document
  • Quick view of document information
  • Archiving of documents

Work together online

  • Insert documents and forms with drag and drop
  • Also Excel and PowerPoint and your own forms
  • Add descriptions and information if desired
  • Give access: view, change, share, on time
  • Invite and edit - collaboratively or individually
  • Call for verification or approval
  • Continue to sign

Configuration and Settings

  • Password settings
  • 2FA on/off


  • Create modify groups


  • Create modify policies

Manage Settings

  • Licence Status
  • Company Identification
  • Company Information
  • Contract terms and conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimer
  • EULA, End User Licence Agreement
All images are of BDOC, Company Multiuser Solution. Changes possible at any time.