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About BDOC Legal Ledger AG (

BDOC Legal Ledger AG provides you with BDOC a contract and document solution as SaaS, Software as a Service. You do not have to install anything on your local machine. With BDOC, you can create contracts, documents, calculations or presentations online, history (who saw/changed which documents when) cannot be manipulated, is traceable, legally verifiable and auditable.

According to statistics, more than 2/3 of companies in Germany are affected by data theft, sabotage and industrial espionage (in the last 2 years 2017/18). Hackers are on average more than 200 days in your systems before they are discovered.

BDOC protects your data effectively. Only people authorized by you can see the name of the file and can view, modify or share the content depending on how you set access permissions. The unchangeable history can be checked at any time.
What does BDOC from BDOC Legal Ledger AG do?
All data is highly encrypted.
Unauthorized persons can neither view nor change the file names or the data.
All actions and changes to the files are historically immutable.

You always know who, when and what has been edited, shared, viewed or approved. Always with an immutable and legally proven history.
Neither we, hackers or authorities have access to your data. The file name and its contents can only be read by persons authorized by you. Attempting to hack even a single file would be extremely prohibitive in both time and cost for an attacker.

It is user friendly and easy to navigate.
Documents are edited within the system, without the need for the user to install software.


All data hosted by us has an immutable history stored within the blockchain, this means that a full record of any activity is permanently stored and can not be manipulated. You always know what the current version is and can demonstrably trace its past / development process.
Neither we, nor our system administrator can read your data, only the persons authorized by you can read the file names and the data content.
Encryption of the data
By default, all data is encrypted with BDOC-QS-STD (362KB). Higher Encryption BDOC-QS-HIGH (1MB) is also fully implemented and can be set by you in the future according to your requirements.

The encrypted keys are already QSK (Quantum Secure Key) according to current knowledge.


The GDPR is groundbreaking for pan-European data protection. Use your preparations as an opportunity to improve the data security of your employees and customers. Learn how encryption can help you.
What is the GDPR / DSGVO?
The European General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) is a comprehensive regulation. With an aim to harmonize and enforce high data protection requirements for all EU citizens and across all EU countries. Unlike previous regulations, which were valid only at the national level, the GDPR is binding and valid for the entire EU. The GDPR requires all companies and organizations to take reasonable measures to protect personal data of consumers and their privacy from data breaches and misuse.
What does the GDPR mean for companies that manage, process or share personal information using cloud-based services?
The focus of DSGVO is the consistent protection of data at every point in time of data processing. Therefore, the GDPR identifies obligations for two different entities: Data Controllers and Data Processors. Data controller is the entity that determines the purpose, condition and means of processing personal data. These include education and research institutions, public authorities, healthcare providers and any other company that manages personal information of employees and / or customers. Data processors, on the other hand, are the one that processes data on behalf of data controllers. This can be, for example, the cloud provider through which customer relationship management (CRM) is processed.

BDOC24 from BDOC Legal Ledger AG

In contract management, we extend the process to full history, meet 100% quorum requirements, provide full traceability and strict security policies, ensure controlled data flow, provide controlled access management and ensure secure, unmanipulated data storage throughout the document lifecycle, and more:
  • Process transparency
  • Immutable History
  • Highest security
  • Encryption of all data
  • Proven history
  • Full traceability
  • Automated reporting
  • Analysis and Audit
  • Regulation & Governance
Simple and easy to use for Word, Calculations, Presentations and Forms

Browsers Supported

BDOC24 supports the following Browsers (latest versions): Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
BDOC24 does not support the following Browser: IE11, Edge (Edge will move to supported Browsers once our payment provider supports this Browser).

Working with BDOC24 from BDOC Legal Ledger AG

BDOC Legal Ledger AG effectively protects your data, prevents their theft and protects you against sabotage and unnoticed / unwanted change of data.Stay in control - you always know who, when, what has seen or changed - unchangeable historicized with a provable history.

BDOC24 Login
To log in to BDOC24 Click on: BDOC24 Login

If you have problems logging in, please create a separate support account (not your BDOC24 account) and open a support ticket.

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Be up and running in minutes and have your files fully protected and historicized with an immutable history. 

What payment methods does BDOC offer?
You can pay by VISA, Mastercard or bank transfer. All prices listed are in Swiss Francs (CHF).

You decide how much security you need

Organized cybercrime is steadily increasing. Over 2/3rds of German companies are affected by data theft, sabotage and industrial espionage (Source: Bitkom / Statista). Hackers spend an average of over 200 days in the systems before being discovered.

With BDOC, your employees and business partners work smoothly and without circumventing the given security process - simple and securely, transparently and efficiently.

When should you encrypt data securely?

  • When should you encrypt data securely?    
  • If you want to protect strategic documents and intellectual property    
  • If you retain data whose theft would damage your reputation    
  • When you store personal information about customers, employees, and applicants    
  • If you work in an industry that regulates data management    
  • Your industry is often the target of hacker attacks    
  • If foreign authorities should not have access to your data