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Digital Ledger Systems extends Legal capabilities with encryption of all data, immutable history, full process traceability, easy smart contracts.
Barracuda applies strict security policies and ensures strict secure nonmanipulated data storage.


Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain options for the pharma industry. Improves processes, protects Intellectual property, reduces costs and accelerates time to market. Available to run Phase 1 to 3 in drug development processes.

FinTech - RegTech

With DLS Blockchain we deliver a secure and scalable solution to make history of data immutable. Our disruptive technology helps to save cost reduce, reduce risks and enable compliance to prove information. For example, the FATCA / AIA self-disclosure is enforceable and provable.


 DLS Blockchain supports Identity and self soveraign identity and allows individuals control when, where and with whom they share their credentials. This system also enables privacy regulations and supports digital enforcment and control through audit, regulators or privacy organisations.


Digital Ledger Systems supports optimized ways for insurances to work with their clients and partners with legally proven and immutable history.
Automated processes, compliance and cost savings.
Simplified Insurance options


Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain solutions for car manufacturers to provide better management and history of vehicle status and usage.

Manipulation free records & immutable history.


Digital Ledger Systems delivers trust for E-Voting.
With Barracuda E-Vote all votes are unique and 100% quorum is achieved.
Voters cannot double vote, polling stations see instant results and much more.


Digital Ledger Systems delivers an optimised blockchain solution for education environments.
A smarter way for communication between teachers, pupils, parents and authorities.
Full tracking history in one loction is just one of the advantages.


Digital Ledger Systems delivers a comprehensive solution for the shipping industry. Track ships, cargo, location, customs status and much more. A secure and optimised solution for shipments. Speed up processes and reduce paper work.


Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain solutions for various collaboration efforts such as; Supply Chain, Delivery Processes, Sharing any kind of data. Secure user management, encrypted data with immutable history


The Sharing Economy promises less resource consumption through shared use. It connects the partners directly and enales participants to offer, sell and buy.


(making small and smart contracts).


Blockchain can helps increase the security and delivers the scalability associated with IoT. Gives transparency, by allowing anyone who is authorised to access the network. Reduces costs and enables execution of contractual arrangements..



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No Take Over Risk:

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No Rollback Risk:
No Size Restrictions:

No Time delay:

No Fraud Risk:

No Miners:

Energy efficient:

Encryption of Data: No Uncontrolled Data Flow:

Secure: no uncontrolled distribution

Controlled: no unmanaged data

Safe: no malicious insertions

Optimised: fast dynamic block sizing

Scalable & Fast: no reliance on miners

Managed: no un-authorised access

Advanced: no anonymous miners

Green: no high running costs

Security: secure encryption functionality

Governed: true managed flow control